The Looking Glass


We played hide and seek with shoppers using a shop window you couldn't look into


Awards & Recognition


Hugo Boss 2015 live Brief winner



We were awarded second place for a live brief by Hugo Boss to come up with an imaginative way to use their shop window to capture passers-by during Christmas 2015.

Using smart glass and sensors, we conceptualised ‘The Looking Glass’, a window display-cum-art installation that interactively conceals and reveals mannequins as people pass by.

Key insight

Christmas in retail is all about giving and receiving, but what is completely overlooked is the theatricality and excitement of the gifting experience. It is the one time of the year when the attraction is not always in the gifts themselves but in the drama, suspense & surprise of how they are presented.


The Technology

Electrochromic film or “Smartglass” is a readily available thin film which changes transparency when an electric current is passed through it.

The Looking Glass uses normal sheets of glass or clear acrylic with a layer of electrochromic film over the top. These “interactive” panels are suspended around mannequins and connected to sensors. As people pass the window the sensors trigger the glass from opaque to transparent. The interactive panes could also be programmable to run pre-set displays as shown in the video, turning Hugo Boss storefronts into theatrical displays.



Creative Direction, Experimental, Interaction Design

In collaboration with Sidney Lim under Double Dare

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