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— D&AD Newblood 2015 Yellow Pencil winner and Nova Award finalist

Featured in Creativebloq / DigitalArts / Creative Review

As part of the D&AD Newblood awards 2015 our challenge was to design an innovative user experience (UX) to re-engage the ‘always on’ youth of today with the BBC’s multi-channel content. Surge is a social-voting-fuelled multi-device, multi-media platform. It connects young people to BBC content using a hybrid of tailored, live & popular feeds.

Surge, the problem, the insight, the idea.

A 2-minute video to pitch the idea of Surge and showcase the user interfaces for desktop, tablet, mobile and native apps.

Surge Features 1
Surge Features 2
Surge, the problem, the insight, the idea.
Surge responsive Grid

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