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— How goat gifs got young people registering to vote in the UK Elections and the EU Referendum

Webby Award 2017 Winner / Lovie Award 2016 Social Shortlist / Webby For Good Award / Featured in BBC News / Business insider / The Metro / Medium

With elections to the EU referendum, London Mayor and local councils all taking place within two months, spring 2016 has been a crucial period for UK politics. It has never been more important that young people have a say in their future, yet 60% of this age group didn’t vote last year.

Young people see Facebook as a place for friends not politics, so many turn a blind eye to any sort political content, especially ads and sponsored posts. As a result important information like voter registration deadlines gain little attention. What if we reminded everyone to vote by disguising politics as something more ‘clickable’.
We built a website called gifgoat.party which, when shared on Facebook, looks like a cute goat gif.

Using goats as our click-bait, when people try to load the gif, they’re actually forwarded to our website which reads:

If you’ve got time to watch a goat gif, you’ve got two minutes to register to vote.

The exploit shocks people into realizing that there are more important matters at hand than what they originally came for. The site links out to the official government registration page and encourages people to share their own fake goat gifs, kick-starting a viral spread of deceptive goats over Facebook.

68,599 goats were shared
4.5 million facebook impressions
35,959 Directed to GOV.UK register
over one third completed the form then and there

Registration has now closed but in celebration, we’ve turned the site into an infinite stream of goat gifs (which you’re more than welcome to waste some time on.)
Who knows when the goats will return for another cause.

Read more in BBC News / Business insider / The Metro / Medium

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