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— Harnessing the power of social identity theory to transform a package holiday company into a lifestyle brand

In November 2014, Sidney Lim and I (Double Dare) were hired to re-brand a niche holiday operator that targeted young people aged 18–24. The goal was to give Forever Holidays a competitive edge over their rivals.
We distilled their core ethos into three words – 'People, Places, Parties' and co-opted insights from sociology and psychology to engage a notoriously unpredictable audience. As part of a comprehensive re-brand, we developed identity kits and post-produced video to create an immersive online

Featured in Web Design Served / Design 360° Magazine Issue No. 58

Our aim was to create a graphic language that resonated with people’s inherent desire to be part of a group that they could identify with – open to new experiences, optimistic, interested and interesting. Forever Holidays became We Are Forever. In line with Henri Tajfel & John Turner’s Social Identity Theory, the strategy was to entice customers by suggesting they were not just buying a holiday but becoming part of the Forever “in-group.”

We developed slogans both across media and merchandise, using inclusive language “We are…”, “I am…”, “Welcome to Forever” to emphasise group mentality, intimacy and positivity. In this way even commonplace products such as T-shirts became badges of brand affiliation.

User Journey

We identified touch points and re-structured the whole digital experience to make it more coherent and visually compelling.

Home page walk–through

The website outlines the scope of the brand and exploits registration prompts to unlock information about the holidays.

“So far we’re up 200% on our business from last year”
— Nathan Reed, CEO Forever Holidays

Within a month of the rebrand, We Are Forever accumulated over 25,000 Facebook likes and was achieving 200 unique visitors everyday. Social media visitors began inviting friends to view the site: both existing and potential customers had become brand ambassadors. So insights from sociology and psychology had been exploited to inform design decisions and shape a brand.

We also designed a holiday template page which allowed Forever Holidays to easily replicate our design throughout their destinations, a versatile and expandable system for an aspiring global brand.

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